Decide to Dominate

Author, W.H. Dozier III is currently an entrepreneur and business strategist, assisting start-ups and small companies with brand development, growth management, and sales strategies. Dozier was formerly the Senior Solution Executive for Verizon Enterprise Solutions with regional responsibility in multiple states on the East Coast. Prior to this position, Dozier was the Global Vertical Leader for a cross-functional sports & entertainment practice for Verizon Business, having responsibilities across the US and selected international locations. An organization he co-created for the multi-billion-dollar company.

Before joining Verizon Business, Dozier had a dual role with Broad Bay Cotton as a Special Advisor to the President and Vice President of Brand Development.

In previous executive positions in corporate development and as a marketing director at Powdr Corp’s action sports brand, Woodward Camp, a globally recognized power brand, Dozier learned from and reported directly to action sports icon and President, Gary Ream.

Prior to Dozier’s corporate career he traveled throughout the country and to various parts of the world as a public speaker and a fulltime volunteer. He participated in a total of seven seasons as a professional athlete in the National Football League and Major League Baseball, being one of only a handful of two-sport athletes. He is the only NFL player or athlete to ever reach baseball’s “major leagues,” who did not participate in collegiate baseball with almost seven years of not participating in the sport.

Dozier earned a B.S. in Commercial Recreation, Hospitality, and Tourism which has a strong concentration in marketing from Pennsylvania State University. Dozier and his team won a national championship with Penn State defeating the Miami Hurricanes in the 1987 Fiesta Bowl. It was the Fiesta Bowl’s first opportunity to host a national championship contest.

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Ayub Fleming is a real estate and business professional in Central Florida and author of over 16 books, study guides, and journals to support the Living the Max Life, Decide to Dominate, and Hidden Potential of a Women coaching programs. Ayub has been dedicated to teaching and coaching people to a higher level of human development, excellence and performance for over 25 years. His professional career expands 27 years of business management, finance, and real estate development holding positions as President & CEO, Director of Operations and Project Manager in multiple disciplines since he was 20 years old.

Mr. Fleming is the Executive Director for the Sanford Housing Authority and Asset Development Program Manager of the Orlando Housing Authority, former Board of Director for Hopes and Dreams Team, President  & CEO of WP Foundation, and of AHF Media. He is also currently the Vice President of a growing real estate and development company in Central Florida that was started in 2015.

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The opportunity to Decide to Dominate is your birthright as a human being and accompanies you as a perfect masterpiece of the Creator. We wrote this book to deliver a message of hope and inspiration to those who yearn to transcend. Regardless of where you find yourself in life, you were designed and built to overcome life’s challenges and empowered to run on a road we call “perpetual success.” In your vocation, whether you are just starting, an entrepreneur or becoming one, rising as a manager or c-level executive, you can dominate your industry, master your potential; develop tangible and intangible wealth for the greater purpose of service to mankind.

You Hold the Rights to Nothing Less as you develop into the giant killer you are called to be. Having a purpose justifies your significance in life and gives you a focus, in which, to pursue your destiny. As part of creation, you can accept the identity of a kingdom or domain with unshakeable principles. This domain we speak of is one of purpose and conscience, expressed in the individual mandate to become all that you were meant to be in its fullest. It’s your right and your responsibility to profit in life as an example to your family and your circle of influence, bringing honor and glory to the One who created you. We hope you accept our invitation to do so and enjoy the book on the way.

W.H. Dozier III, Founder of UTake Dominion

Ayub Fleming, Author